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EverythingD has developed an information strategy to help the organisation to utilise data and insights for decision making processes, accompanied by streamlining governance structures and procedures. We will help you build an integrated IT strategy that supports effective secure data management and data mining.

EverythingD’s Information Strategy and Governance consulting service can help you:

  • Identify and prioritise your most important information sources. We catalogue data governance issues and key technologies, so you can develop a road map of change.
  • Improve data quality and consistency. We review the effectiveness of your information governance plan and recommends changes to improve and align data quality.
  • Reveal new opportunities to grow revenue. We identify the information you need to make better-informed decisions, who needs it, and what changes need to be made in policies, processes, tools and technologies.

Analytics data governance is an ongoing initiative and expertise we bring, with executive buy-in to establish strategic vision and oversight over the goals, communication, policies, processes, measurement, and management of data with the objective to empower decision makers with competitive analytics insights (i.e. operationalize analytics), build competitive advantage and reduce risks.