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Design, Secure, Analyze and Scale your API’s with the EverythingD API Platform:

Fast, Secure Microservices Delivery:

Through our in-house custom cloud Platform development expertise with API gateway and Microservices architecture, we help organizations bring products to market more quickly, with a focus on the industrialized solutions, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT). Our Platform development expertise is core right from engaging customers about Product landscape, on-going business and technology challenges, issues and observations related to monolithic applications, and recommend best suitable

Our key service offerings in Platform services are :

  • Platform strategy
  • Platform design development
  • API management and Analytics
  • Platform Gateway and security
  • Microservices
  • Developer Technology support center for API’s and Microservices
  • Platform and API operations

Platform Strategy

EverythingD has technical and business talent, who takes responsibility of driving business towards platforms using “plug-and-play” approach, from traditional application development, product development with monolithic approach.

Platform Design and Development

EverythingD has a team of efficient developers who are into Platform development , who have built many robust and scalable platforms which are agile, reuse and productive.

API Management and Analytics

EverythingD has expertise in business modeling, specifications around the designing API’s and work on development of API’s across the life cycle, including creation, portals, API Analytics and API operations using our unique

API Gateway and Security

Our API Gateway solution streamlines management, deployment, development and operations of APIs, enhancing security and regulatory compliance through authentication, authorization and audit capabilities


Application architectures are increasingly shifting from monolithic designs to more agile, microservices-based approaches. EverythingD brings expertise in Microservices framework and architecture and ensure flawless delivery,

Developer Ecosystem Support

EverythingD’s unique value proposition is in speed of setting up developer ecosystem for customers, irrespective of which market vertical or horizontal a product exist in, for their platforms and API’s including managing