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“Do more with less” is the new mantra for consumers and businesses alike. With less time, tighter budgets, and fewer people, it seems like the only thing that’s abundant for many companies is information. Today’s technology allows businesses to collect ever-growing piles of customer and prospect demographic, transaction, and preference data. But more information doesn’t mean more insights. Analytics is a powerful tool that can help organizations find eye-opening opportunities to improve sales, marketing, and customer service. Some companies find ways to cut advertising costs and increase sales. Others reduce customer churn and improve satisfaction ratings. Smart analytics goes beyond number crunching and can help companies develop ways to listen and respond to the needs of customers and the employees who serve them. Standing in the way of adopting an analytic approach may be a corporate culture that encourages individuals to rely on their intuition and experience when making decisions. Or perhaps the organization lacks the processes and technology needed to collect, analyze, and develop actionable insights. From there, companies may require the ability to transform the analytic insights into offers, products, information, and services customers will value. EverythingD combines deep industry knowledge, broad functional capabilities, and technical know-how to help our clients capture insights and create strategies for attracting, engaging, and retaining profitable customers. We look at customers from the outside in–turning everyday information into useful and actionable insights that can inform your decision-making.

Here are some of the services we offer:

Strategy and Data Governance

EverythingD has developed an information strategy to help the organization to utilize data and insights for decision making processes, accompanied by streamlining governance structures and procedures.


EverythingD’s Information offerings helps our customers in transforming and visualizing big data into meaningful business metrics. EverythingD, through big data consulting, enables organizations conceptualize and drive a well-thought-out big data program


In EverythingD, we work at the intersection of technology and business, helping our clients become insights-driven enterprises. Our expertise is in designing and helping our customers for Insights Platform to Identify underlying patterns,

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics enables you to find deeper insights and drive real-time actions With advanced analytics capabilities, you can understand what happened, what will happen and what should happen.

Data Science

Despite the growing availability and analysis of large data sets, there are many obstacles blocking the path to truly unlocking big data’s potential. According to a study by the McKinsey Global Institute, the United States will face a