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The advent of new trends in cloud technologies, mobility, and the Internet of Things are rapidly redefining what enterprises require from their cyber security and risk and compliance frameworks in the new millennium. While malicious cyber actors have gradually multiplied and become omnipresent, traditional enterprise security measures are becoming increasingly redundant. They exist as reactive processes, ones which come into effect once a zero-day attack has already occurred. Critical resources are still allocated for responding to cyber threats, whereas the focus should be on preventing them. Furthermore, threats against enterprise security have become increasingly sophisticated, requiring organizations to reevaluate their security approach.

In addition, enterprises are striving to adapt to shifting regulatory norms, ensuring new security tools satisfy business requirements and user experience, while remaining cost-effective. At EverythingD, we understand that for businesses operating in the new digital ecosystem, preemptive protection against security breaches is of primary importance and requires proactive measures. This is why we embrace an outcome-driven approach to cyber security. Through our frameworks, we look to protect our clients’ digital assets, intellectual property, confidential assets, and all other forms of business-critical information. We have mined 20 years of deep experience in the cyber security domain to create a holistic bouquet of end-to-end services. These have been designed to not only provide our clients a 360 degree view of enterprise security, but the means to anticipate all possible encroachments. Our state-of-the-art services portfolio includes managed security services, identity and access management, security assurance and assessment services, and transformation and SI services.

Cyber and Managed Security Services

In the dynamic technology landscape, organizations must take a proactive stance for the safeguarding of resources. Today’s scenario requires enterprises to protect information as well as prevent the cause of data breaches.

GRC Services

Due to the increasingly stringent compliance mandates, organizations can no longer afford a siloed approach among geographically scattered business units. The growing focus on corporate governance