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EverythingD’s Information offerings helps our customers in transforming and visualising big data into meaningful business metrics. EverythingD, through big data consulting, enables organisations conceptualise and drive a well-thought-out big data program across multiple domains and focus areas. Our big data services help companies achieve the twin objectives of revenue maximisation and increased operational efficiency. Our big data solutions provide organisations with the right customer insights leading to newer revenue sources through cross sell and up sell, while helping them identify revenue leakages and fraud, thereby, driving profitability. Through a comprehensive set of big data services and big data solutions across the spectrum, from big data consulting to support and managed services, we help you generate actionable insights from your big data initiatives.

  • Big Data Management
  • Reporting, Research and Visualisation
  • Big Data Security / Identity and Access Management
  • Big Data Testing, Provisioning and Automation
  • Master data management
  • Enterprise information management

Our framework has multiple layers in executing the BDaaS life cycle process. The bottom most layer represents infrastructure-as-a-service components such as compute-as-a-service (CaaS) and storage-as-a-service (StaaS) and their management. On the next layer up, service providers offer database-as-a-service (DBaaS) or data aggregation and exposure as part of data-as-a-service (DaaS). The next layer up in this BDaaS architecture is data platform-as-a-service. As user expectations for real time grow, real-time analytics need to be enabled, and this occurs in the topmost layer; users of analytics-software-as-a-service can generate their own reports, visualisations, and dashboards.

Our expertise is in providing Big data as a Service (BDaaS), for cloud offerings by applying insights gleaned from this analysis to drive business growth.