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A business’s most critical asset is its data. As a result, ensuring some form of data management of the information shared between the numerous applications, systems and services within the enterprise is crucial. Only through reliable data management services can organizations truly understand the power of what can be done with their data. Enterprise data management is the goal to integrate and manage data for all applications across the enterprise. This practice includes the rules of governance and processes involved to make data available for business operations and transactions. In practice, this is difficult to accomplish as companies typically have their data in silos across dozens of systems without any easy way to connect that information.

EverythingD has solution capabilities in MongoDB, the open source NoSQL database, which lets you develop an enterprise data management solution easily, and in less time and at a lower cost than the older generation of relational databases.

Our Enterprise Data Management solution will let you:

EverythingD helps customers to build new MongoDB applications, to improve the delivery of services, by collecting and analyzing data in real-time.

  • EverythingD helps businesses adapt to changes faster than their competitors.
  • EverythingD enterprise data management solution enables the analytic enterprise with a platform that empowers analysts to access data they need while complying with data management policies.
  • Securely connect to data regardless of source and do so in a way that complies with data access and management policies
  • Deliver consistent and trusted analytic insight through a repeatable analytic process
  • Access an intuitive workflow and perform analytic tasks end-to-end
  • Connect to data, profile data, prep and blend data, analyze, and deliver insights.

Our key solutions in Enterprise Data Management are as follows :

Master Data Management:

Data Management in large organizations is very complex due to the fact that the business entities such as Customer, Product etc. exist in many fashions and keeping the data accurate and consistent for immediate use across an enterprise has become a performance and productivity issue for every large business. However, Master Data Management can successfully address this challenge and leveraging it into organizational value is a process that can be difficult and expensive if right strategies are not employed. Reliable Software can help you define and understand MDM, and the extraordinary value it provides. We offer an overview of the different architecture types within MDM, and can help you determine and implement the solutions that best suit your organizational needs.

We have developed solutions on MDM using various MDM tools and some of those key MDM solutions are developed on one or more of the below products.

  • Informatica MDM
  • IBM