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Transforming business in a connected world:

EverythingD has expertise in delivering the next generation of consumer and enterprise experience at the convergence of design, data and devices.

The Internet of Things is the key deriver that is transforming businesses and orchestrating new consumer experiences. We help unlock the future using IoT and Cloud to gain significant advantage and chart a new future with enhanced productivity, decision making and design. Our IoT solution portfolio spans system integration, sensor solutions, gateway solutions, cloud solutions, connectivity, user experience and analytics. By integrating the best of our own and industry components, ensuring a single point of accountability, and delivering a complete, end-to-end service for a range of verticals, we help you reach the market faster and deliver IoT solutions that define best practices and exceed expectations.

Connected Homes

Deliver, operate and maintain exceptional solutions for the smart home. EverythingD offers a complete infrastructure, including an ecosystem partners, a gateway solution with sensor supports for security, convenience, entertainment and comfort, next generation analytics and full integration with Google, NEST, BRILLO and WEAVE.

Connected Buildings

Save energy, increase safety, boost productivity, and enhance occupant comfort with EverythingD’s managed services for smart buildings.

Connected Retail

EverythingD’s IoT solutions are revolutionizing retail. In-store solutions such as smart display and smart cooler enable retailers to manage inventory in real-time, while non intrusive footfall and dwell-time sensors and IoT mobile applications offer market insights that elevate the customer experience, enhance convenience levels, and influence online and in-store behaviors.

IoT and Wearable devices are changing and impacting each aspect of our lives. We, at EverythingD, provide services and solutions for IoT and Wearable devices in all industries and domains including healthcare, smart appliances for home and office, smart energy devices, automobile, Industrial IoT, delivery and logistics, smart consumer devices, to name a few.

We are among the few companies that excel at all connected product/solution components, with expertise on embedded devices, Cloud and mobile under single roof.

Transform your enterprise into a data driven engine. Use the power of Cloud to lead the change with Big Data and Analytics. Uncover new ways of harnessing data and generating insights about your customer, change the way the organization works and outmaneuver competition.



Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, ZigBee and Profiles, Zwave, Bluetooth and Profiles, IR, NFC


Freescale, Marvell, Atmel, TI, Microchip & many more

Cloud Platforms

AWS, Windows Azure, Google, ThingWorx

Web services

RestFul service, oAuth Authorization services and SOAP services


Cassandra, MongoDB, Raven DB, MySQL, Oracle, MS-SQL


Android, IOS, Windows


OPENIoT, HomeKit, Thread, Nest, Alljoyn, Brillo & Weave

Communication and Queuing Protocols

CoAP, MQTT, RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ