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Cloud computing has enabled organizations to not only lower administrative and overhead costs, but also turbocharge business innovation and growth. While cloud computing empowers organizations to reduce their legacy infrastructure costs, it also functions as a catalyst for emerging technologies like analyticsmobility, and big data.

EverythingD provides strategic consulting services to assist clients in the design, planning and execution of enterprise cloud strategies. Our clients rely on us for expert, unbiased advice. We take that responsibility seriously. We do the research and we strive to understand your key business and IT goals, your challenges and requirements, to define the cloud computing services and platform that can best benefit your organization.

We then use this information to create a unique cloud computing road map that allows us to identify suitable cloud computing service options and the opportunities offered by each. We provide recommendations to help you select the capabilities and the cloud deployment models that best meet your business needs and can achieve your desired goals.

After identifying the areas that would directly benefit from using the cloud, our specialists work with you to assess your infrastructure readiness with our Cloud Readiness Workshop. In this workshop we conduct an analysis and summarize the improvements required to implement the target cloud delivery model.

“The result of these efforts is a transition plan to successfully implement your chosen cloud computing model.”

Our Cloud Consulting Services include :

Being a cloud expert takes time. It requires rigorous training, continuous discovery, and exploration. To help companies jumpstart their way to success without having to go through a costly trial-and-error process that could negatively impact their credibility, we at EverythingD  offer companies Cloud Readiness Workshops that provide our clients with an in-depth understanding of cloud computing.

This is part of our holistic support necessary towards building a strategic roadmap for our clients who want to leverage the cloud. We assess a company’s readiness both from a technical and business standpoint to fully equip them with the required competencies needed by different departments across all levels of the organization. This workshop aligns a company’s capabilities with its service portfolio.

Features & Benefits:

EverythingD provides a thorough assessment of a company’s level of maturity, which includes but not limited to the following:

  • Review of the client’s infrastructure, identifying and aligning all four critical dimensions of the cloud: infrastructure, processes, applications, and organizational structure
  • Discuss the clients’ future requirements in detail to create an ideal plan that meets business goals
  • Identify bottlenecks and gaps in the current system that hamper the company’s desired growth, productivity, and developmental milestones
  • Formulate strategies that combine cost optimization, operational agility, and risk mitigation.

Cloud computing has drastically changed the business landscape in ways we have never imagined. Although there is no guarantee that all intrinsic application issues will be solved by migrating into the cloud, cloud adoption brings tangible benefits that many companies cannot afford to overlook. In this era of increasing data and diminishing budgets, companies require a solution that addresses issues on scalability, flexibility, availability, and costs. While forums and conventions are still dominated by debates and discussions regarding the reliability and security of cloud platforms, one cannot deny that the benefits the cloud presents outweigh the disadvantages.

Since the world of cloud computing is virtually limitless, the uncertainties tied with it are also as vast as the opportunities it presents. However, the good news is companies can be successful in the cloud if, and only if, they make the right decisions. Companies can achieve optimal business results if they adopt a well-calibrated migration strategy that addresses their requirements.

Features & Benefits:

  • Provide companies with a clear picture as to how they can realize their full potential by leveraging on cloud solutions.
  • Provide a detailed assessment of current business solutions, practices, and infrastructure.
  • Identify opportunities and gains associated with cloud adoption.
  • Provide vital information about privacy and security concerns.
  • Assess risks and recommend a road map to mitigate them.
  • Recommend cloud-based solutions that are customisation, agnostic and non-proprietary which address all of the company’s requirements in terms of costs,maintenance, scalability , availability, and reliability; these solutions should align with the company’s priorities and timeline.

Migrating from legacy systems to a cloud environment can be a complex undertaking. To achieve optimum business benefits, a company must have a clear grasp of several key areas of cloud deployment. This requires in-depth knowledge about integration, security, governance, and some of the industry’s proven best practices.

This is where EverythingD comes in to accelerate a company’s grasp of cloud adoption. Apart from giving companies a solid foundation about the cloud, we also provide expert guidance to bring strategies to life. With proven methods, established partnerships with known technology providers, and our team’s extensive experience in cloud computing, we help companies create a solution that bring them successful results in terms of operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

Private and public cloud offerings, hybrid or both – it does not matter. EverythingD has the expertise to provide end-to-end cloud services that combine theory and practice. To learn more about how EverythingD can assist you with your cloud strategy and cloud implementations, please contact at

Features & Benefits:

  • Utilise a proven cloud adoption framework that analyses a company’s environment, staff, and processes aligned with business requirements and goals.
  • Interpret and analyse results borne from cloud readiness assessment to prepare,train, and equip all personnel and departments to ensure a successful transition to the cloud.
  • Identify which departmental training sessions should be conducted to ensure successful adoption and use of cloud technology.
  • Employ industry best practices and proven methodologies which are very crucial to guarantee minimal or no disruption in operations during the process of transition.
  • Identify which areas receive the most impact after migration and provide tools and resources to help gauge efficacy of deployed strategies.
  • Provide expert consulting services necessary in creating a customised, state-of-the-art and affordable cloud design infrastructure and action plan.