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EverythingD Consulting includes a team of architects, implementation engineers, developers and project managers focused on the successful realization of your cloud strategy.

We have helped cloud service providers and enterprise customers to:

  • Enable private, public, or hybrid cloud infrastructures
  • Deliver cloud services to internal or external customers
  • Tailor Cloud Portal solutions to meet specific business requirements

At EverythingD, we have detailed offering in Cloud Infrastructure Assessment, as an offering, that provides a facilitated, interactive workshop to gather your cloud solution requirements for meeting your business objectives, while identifying risk areas in need of migration.  The Cloud Infrastructure Assessment includes following tracks with key deliverables, at the end of the CIA workshop.

Track Activities Deliverables
Business success track This track examines key integration points into your business and operational support systems Cloud Product offerings

Account Life-cycle

Customer success criteria

Technology success track This track examines the current infrastructure and how to transform it to an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) that supports your business objectives. Operational support systems integration

User experience

Operations success track Cloud Operations involve all the aspects of maintaining cloud infrastructure that include monitoring, escalation, scaling, and maintenance windows. Compute, Storage, Network, Workloads,Security,

Deployment,Support structure,Third Party Tools,

Scalability and Maintenance Plan