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Applications have changed the way companies run their businesses. Tasks which in the old days took days, months, or even years to fulfill can now be done in minutes. However, not all companies are equipped with the knowledge, the skills, and the infrastructure required to build applications that make them stand out. Typical legacy setups simply won’t suffice and business owners who push their system beyond limits commits self-sabotage, which could ultimately put company credibility and customer data at risk. As a result, developers face acute problems in building and managing applications on a daily basis.

To allow you to build sophisticated, elastic, and scalable cloud applications, EverythingD offers a fully functional production environment that takes the complexities and unnecessary costs of development and testing off your plate. Regardless of your company’s size, we have a comprehensive set of application development offerings suited for your needs, enabling you to overcome resource constraints that hamper growth. This is due largely to the cloud’s ability to streamline and combine development efforts, resulting in a supercharged application development process. With all these features available at minimal costs, you can market services faster for an enhanced customer experience and a substantial yield in revenue.

Features & Benefits:

  • Faster Time to Market and Streamlined Business Focus
  • Moving into the cloud allows companies be more agile to shortcut development process;
  • Shifts resources away from large data center investments so you can focus on your core business and innovate further;
  • Eliminate huge investments tied with developing, staging, and managing application environments;
  • Flexible mix of pay-per-use test and development options;
  • Reduced infrastructure, maintenance, and development costs;
  • Powerful, feature-rich, and easy-to-use application platforms deliver high availability, low-latency, and scalable applications that meet unique business requirements.
  • Trained and experienced professionals can handle even the most complex application development requirements.

EverythingD Cloud Application services help you move to the cloud seamlessly whether migrating an off-the-shelf package or developing a new application from scratch. Designed to drive flexibility and efficiency, our services include both migration and monitoring solutions running on IaaS or PaaS cloud platforms from EverythingD and our partners.

We are planning to establish partnership with AWS, Acquia, GetPantheon, Google app Engine, Microsoft Azure, as Infrastructure partner for providing Cloud offerings to our customers.