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EverythingD has expertise in business modeling, specifications around the designing API’s and work on development of API’s across the life cycle, including creation, portals, API Analytics and API operations using our unique API gateway solutions.

We have unique experience in building API platforms for digital business, including how the API’s can work and be managed in developer ecosystem, using light weight and plug-and-play approaches.

Our offerings in API Management are as follows:

Develop and connect to any on premise or cloud data source, with powerful routing, transformation and choreography tools. Our group of API developers, has expertise in not only understanding and applying Restful best practices while designing API’s, they also bring in unique knowledge in identifying and designing use cases around API’s and relationship between 4 pillars of API’s, consumer, provider, owner and producer.

Transform API’s into Platforms and Products, document API’s and customize the portals

Compliance and enforce API security, access control and operational policies with cloud or hybrid approach.

Development of business API’s related to various industries and technology, non-technical customer groups for their business needs including providing solutions for easy integration to various platforms using message oriented, Polyglot and/or micro services architecture.

Use powerful analytics for deeper insights into API programs. Some of the analytics that we were able to generate for API’s are

  • API uptime and performance
  • Reports by method, service, developer, group
  • API activity reports – volume, success rates
  • Operational reports – Latency, performance, errors, timeouts, security violations
  • Trending
  • Admin reports
  • Developer reports – Visibility for developer partners
  • Near time access or delivered via daily log
  • Executive facing dashboard
  • Developer usage – Gain usage insights. Identify active developers and apps to grow your APIs usage and associated revenue metrics.
  • Tracing – Debug issues in real-time. Record details of each step in the processing pipeline to visually troubleshoot API’s in the production